My newest work-in-progress is a mermaid book series (not yet titled).  I’ll officially start writing it on November 1, 2018.  I plan to complete the entire first book of the 3-book series during the month of November – National Novel Writing Month (NANO).  As you can imagine, this will be quite a challenge!

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NANO Book Work-In-Progress

This year will make the THIRD year in a row that I’ve entered the NANO challenge, and hopefully, the third year in a row that I successfully complete the challenge.  Here are two former NANO work-in-progress manuscripts that turned into published novels by the end of November (2016 & 2017).

former NANO work-in-progress books

I’ve already started preparing and training for the upcoming writing competition.  This mermaid book can’t wait to be written.  I’ve already got the story outline and I have my plot, my characters and everything else in mind.  I’m especially serious about this particular work-in-progress.  I’ve been dreaming about this upcoming writing endeavor.

About this Work-In-Progress

I’m actually developing my new mermaid novel from a story that I’ve already written.  I published my first novel in 2014.  It was a book called:  “Experimenting With Murder” and the story contained mermaids.  The book had a whole lot of good elements to it, and I’ve consistently sold some copies over the years.  Unfortunately, I’ve received very little feedback (good or bad) so it’s been hard to gauge customers’ thoughts.   I ultimately pulled the title from Amazon and took the book off sale and put it on a back burner.  Now I anticipate doing the rewrite.

work-in-progress mermaid book

NOTE:  Former customers who bought this title can request a FREE digital copy of the upcoming book.

Now that it is four years later, the book’s weak points are obvious and glaring to me as an author.  I know the rewrite will be  substantially better.  I’ve longed to go back and re-write the book and also bring about some resolution.  When I first wrote “Experimenting With Murder” I knew I wanted it to be a mermaid book series, so I purposely left the story unresolved at the end of the book.  Under all these circumstances, clearly, this book is long overdue for a rewrite and it’s time to complete the story.

This work-in-progress is the major reason for launching this website.  I hope to plug into other mermaid lovers and discover all I can about the mermaid fandom scene.  I know there are some SERIOUS mermaid fans and followers out there and I plan to connect with them, so if you’re a mermaid lover (new, old, or otherwise), WELCOME.


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