Welcome mermaid lovers!

MermaidFans.com is a new kid on the internet block (figuratively speaking).  We welcome mermaid lovers from everywhere, no matter what stage of mermaid infatuation you happen to be at.  Are you a lighthearted mermaid lover or more of a diehard mermaid fan?  Whichever you are, welcome, welcome, welcome.  Allow me to introduce myself:charm mermaid personna


I’ve been a writer for nearly 3 decades (damn I sound old); a self-published writer for 2 of those decades.  I became a self-published novelist in 2014 and I’ve been doing both fiction and non-fiction writing ever since.  As I already mentioned on one of the Work-in-Progress page, my very first novel was a book about mermaids.  Unfortunately, being new to fiction writing at the time, I was much better at telling a story, than I was at showing.  This was due to so many years of writing non-fiction articles.  While the basis for my first novel will ultimately make a wonderful movie one day; as a book, the story needs more work.

Since publishing that first novel (Experimenting With Murder – NO LONGER AVAILABLE), I’ve published 2 more novels (Skipping Childhood / Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge), and also a novella (One Bad Deed).  Each project turned out better than the last.  My dialogue writing and story “showing” skills have improved tremendously and I can’t wait to show them off in my upcoming mermaid book(s).  You can discover more about me by visiting my other sites/blogs.

CharmBaker.com  |  PersonalGrowthMotivator.com  |  MoulinRougeHistory.com  |  SkippingChildhood blog


This site has a very specific objective.  In order to create a truly awesome mer-world for my readers I’m asking for as much input and feedback as possible.  I’ll be begging, borrowing, and developing new and interesting ideas and concepts for my mermaids and their story line.  In fact, I believe I already have a good start, and I’ll be posting content to gauge your opinions and approval.  Until then, I’d like to know more about all of you.



welcome mermaid lovers

Which statement sounds more like you:

“I’ve ALWAYS loved mermaids and I read, watch and listen to anything I come in contact with that is mermaid related!”

…or maybe you’re closer to this:

“I’m CRA CRA about mermaids and I know everything there is to know about them, including every related myth”.

You may even be just a typical mermaid lover who’s somewhere in between the two.  Whatever the case, you’ll still enjoy this site, although personally, I’m a BIG mermaid fan.  I plan to cover a lot of ground (or water).  Initially, this  site will contain much of what you would expect from a mermaid-related site.   But prepare for some interesting surprises also.  In order to learn what those surprises will be, you’ll have to BE SURE TO RETURN.  Before you go, feel free to look around while you’re here.

I especially welcome mermaid lovers just like me.  I want to hear from the mermaid fans who don’t mind sharing thought-provoking views on the subject.  So once again, welcome mermaid lovers.  Please don’t hesitate to participate on the site.  All your comments, questions, answers and suggestions will be posted and responded to.  You can also submit your mermaid-related images for posting in the upcoming Mermaidfans.com gallery.  Now take a moment and start browsing, and don’t forget to follow on Twitter @bigmermaidfan  |  #bigmermaidfan