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Do you have questions about mermaids.  If you’re interested in mermaid facts and fiction, maybe you’d like to share and submit your comments.

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Simply use the proper link to submit and share whatever you want.  The links are right here, but keep reading this page and see what you need to do FIRST.


Before You Share and Submit

As you can see, this is a great place for mermaid lovers to hang out.  You can take your time browsing the site and enjoying some of the previous (and upcoming) discussions about mermaids.  Before you can share and submit on this site, you will need to join and become one of our new mermaid lovers.  Don’t worry, it’s painless.  In fact, it’s quick, easy, and free to join.  You’ll simply send an email (via the link), requesting that you be added to the list of members.  Then you’ll be able to receive all the benefits that automatically come with joining.

Content to Share and Submit

What you choose to share and submit is totally up to you.  Send any questions that you may have about mermaids.  This site will regularly discuss mermaid-related questions taken from the Quora website and other online forums.  If you see a question you want to respond to, we welcome your thoughts.

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Your comments, stories, experiences, or any trivia you happen to know about mermaids is always of interest to readers who visit here.  Don’t hold back.  Share what you know, or even what you think you know about mermaids.

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submit mermaid comments

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Have you created a cool mermaid image or come across an interesting mermaid video online?  Take a moment and share what you’ve found.  Feel free to submit images or videos, along with a link and the website or name(s) of who to credit the submission to.

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Your Suggestions are Welcome

There is something else you can send us, besides your interesting questions, comments and images.  Everyone is encouraged to submit thoughts about how to improve this website.  As time goes on, you’ll  begin to see an increase in content and visitor interaction.  In the meantime and in between time, you can help make visiting this mermaid-related website enjoyable to others.

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NOTE:  Please take time to read over the Privacy Policy for this website if you are concerned about the entries you submit and comments you make.  And don’t forget to provide proper credit for the media material you send.