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    Mermaids Get Older Like Humans in Upcoming Mermaid Book

    Do mermaids get older like humans do or do they age differently?  This question isn’t really among the frequently asked mermaid questions that I found on the Quora website.  I did, however, find tons of other interesting mermaid related questions.  I’m researching mermaids for my current work-in-progress mermaid book.  Answers I found that related to mermaids aging were all basically the same.  They suggest that mermaids do, or would age the same as humans (if they age at all).  I didn’t want to spend too much time on this one particular question.  I decided to use a variation of everyone else’s answer to how my mermaids age.  But first I considered whether or not mermaids should age at all.

    mermaids get older

    How Do My Mermaids Get Older?

    So exactly how do my mermaids get older.  Basically, they have a limited human-like aging process.  For the first 7 years, they age the same as humans.  After that, for the next 7 years, they age 2 years for every 1.  This means that 14 human years is equivalent to 21 of my mermaid years (or mermen since I have both).  They stop growing for 7 years, and nearing the end of that time, they experience another growth spurt (equal to a four-year period).  This brings them to full maturity, like a 25-year-old human.  A bit complicated I know, but so is life.

    How Would Your Mermaids Get Older?

    No doubt, many of you readers disagree, if not outright disapprove of my mermaid aging system.  So tell me, how would your mermaids get older.  Would they age exactly like humans or completely different from humans?  Would your mermaids have a way of aging that is somewhere in between the two.  Why not join other mermaid fans and enthusiasts and drop share a comment or two?