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    Mermaid Variations Around the World

    mermaid variations

    Many mermaid variations exist all around the world and the mermaid-related myths and legends are numerous.  Of course, there are certain myths more popular than others.  As a result, we have become much more familiar with certain mermaid “species” than we have with others.  For instance, most people have heard of these two types:

    • SIRENS

    Mermaid Variations & Characters

    Most people are familiar with the ever popular mermaid name Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  If you’re a baby boomer, you might even recall the Darryl Hannah mermaid character in the 1984 hit movie Splash.  Besides these two, there are also a number of modern mermaid shows today.  They include Aquamarine and also the Mako Mermaids.  While these type of young-adult mermaid shows have huge followings, there are still lots of other mermaid characters that are not as widely known.  Not as many mermaid viewers are familiar with myths and legends like:

    • Rusalka of Russia
    • Ningyo of Japan
    • Merrows of Ireland

    The above terms are just a few of the mermaid variations that we’ll be taking a closer look at on this website.  Look around and come back if you want to know more, or better yet, if you have something to say on the subject, feel free to submit and share.

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