Keep Returning for Updates on the New Mermaid Book [My Entry for the 2018 NANO Challenge]

    Mermaids in the Making Real Soon

    By now, everyone visiting this site knows that my upcoming NANO book is about mermaids.  I had to decide whether to rely on what someone else thinks a mermaid should be or whether to create my own.  For the most part, I chose the latter.  And for the record, making mermaids is not as easy as it sounds.   Things can get complex, when it comes time to creating an entire mermaid world and population.

    making mermaids

    What Making Mermaids Involves

    When you start trying to figure out how to make your own mermaids, you can’t just think about what the mermaids should look like.  You have to determine other things to, such as:

    • Will you only have mermaids or will you have mer-men also?
    • Will your mermaids (and/or mermen) be attractive looking or scary looking?
    • Can they come on land and develop feet?  If so, when and for how long?
    • Will they mate?  If so, how will they mate?
    • Are they able to breed?  How will they breed? (Spawn or give birth)

    More than Making Mermaids

    In my opinion, when it comes to making mermaids, it’s best you don’t try and make everything all original.  As you might begin to imagine, a lot of thought needs to go into creating mermaid characters.  This is true, even if you decide to modify or elaborate on preexisting theories, ideas and concepts.  It’s not necessary to feel like everything related to your particular mermaids has to be original.  After all, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    making mermaids - don't reinvent wheel

    You’ll need to save some of your time and energy for creating the rest of your mer-world (physical appearance, philosophy, way-of-life, etc.).  Also, if you plan to have humans as a major part of your story like I do, you’ll need to spend some time on those characters too.

    Introduction to My Mermaids

    Very soon now, I will be providing an introduction to my mermaids, via several short stories.  I plan to publish these stories online, prior to completing my new mermaid book.  Hopefully, I can get some constructive feedback (even if it’s criticism).  Then I’ll know if making mermaids for my upcoming novel was a good idea.  To watch for updates about these pending stories and the current work-in-progress, be sure to return periodically to check the W.I.P. Updates category.


    Photo Credit (wheel): – Jake Fleming