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    Book About Mermaids Inspiration Started With a Television Show

    The inspiration for my pending book about mermaids started with a television show several years ago in 2014.  Mermaid inspired books have been around for awhile, not to mention mermaid books that were adapted to film or television.  Books about mermaids have an eager supply of readers, all waiting to enjoy the next new mermaid inspired story.  For my own sake, hopefully 2018 is no exception.  I plan to share my current work-in-progress with at least some of the world before the end of this year.  With any kind of luck, I’ll have an agent to represent my upcoming new  book about mermaids.  I need to obtain a literary agent before I make the hasty decision to self-publish this book like all my previous writing.

    Inspiration for A Book About Mermaids

    Allow me to take a few moments to share something about the inspiration for my pending book about mermaids.  I never would have started writing the book if it hadn’t been for the television show I’m about to tell you about.  I can probably explain things best by posting the actual Preface that was included in the book.  HERE IT IS:

    From the time I was a child, I’ve been infatuated with the idea of mermaids. Growing up, I was always fascinated by movies that contained mermaids, especially if it wasn’t an animation or comedy. I longed for more movies where the writer took the existence of mermaids as seriously as I did as a viewer [in other words, less lighthearted].  In 2013, a telecast called ”Mermaids: The New Evidence” aired on the Animal Planet t.v. channel. The show was reported to be the most widely watched program in Animal Planet’s history. It was said to have generated a total of 3.6 million viewers.

    book about mermaids - body of evidence

    The program focused on some documented, as well as questionable events. It used some very interesting theories to connect the dots. According to the program, in 2007, a research team heard a sound that has so far, only been identified as “the bloop”. They recorded the sound while they were investigating a series of mass whale beachings. The program implied that reputable government agencies pointed to this unidentified sound as proof of the possible existence of mermaids. After viewing the program myself, and following the buzz online, I knew it was finally time to write my first novel, and I knew I was ready to finally start writing my book on mermaids.  My thoughts were to take advantage of the mermaid topic frenzy. 

    book about mermaids inspiration         Photo Credit: The Conversation

    I started the idea of my story built on the premise that if SONAR testing is endangering whales, dolphins and other known marine life, maybe it doesn’t stop there. What if other equally unique (though not yet discovered) species are also being affected by underwater blasting?  That is also why I set the book in New Zealand.  Certain locations and other factual details were depicted in the story to help to establish a believable setting, while still creating an imaginative environment. In reality, my billionaire Tyler Payne’s remote island could be one of many that actually exist off the coast of New Zealand.  So the inspiration for the direction that my book “Experimenting With Murder” went in is definitely credited to The Animal Planet, plus my MERMAID LOVE.

    Visualizing A Book About Mermaids

    As you can see, I had quite a bit of inspiration for my first mermaid-inspired book.  Writing it was an incredible experience for me, but it was also very challenging.  It wasn’t just about writing a book about mermaids, but it was also about visualizing that book.  Since I had decided to use New Zealand as a setting for my mermaid story, what better place to turn to for awesome visual aides than New Zealand?  Before, and during the writing of that first book, I spent time looking at breathtaking landscapes and numerous images of the area.  I saw enough to know that it is now one of the places I want to visit before I die.

    book about mermaids - new zealand

    PHOTO CREDIT: Jennifer Remias

    The above photo is just one among many pictures of this gorgeous region.  Really and truly, when it comes to finding mermaid inspiration, just looking at any body of water will do it for me.  In fact, my most inspirational visual for my book about mermaids was from a calendar photo I found.  It depicted a beautiful waterfall and a secluded little beach nestled in the middle of a jungle, exactly like in my book!  I saw it and fell in love with it.

    Now that I’m doing a rewrite of the book, I plan to use a lot of the same descriptions about my “mysterious secluded island” where all sorts of things are going on.  Stay tuned to future posts about the description of the island.


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