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    Cute Little Cartoon Animation Mermaid

    In scouring the internet for everything mermaid-related, I came across a cute little cartoon animation mermaid.  The cartoon series.  The cartoon is a French slapstick-comedy animation called Zig & Sharko.  If you’ve never seen it (or heard of it for that matter), you’re probably not alone.  But there is something I plan to do as a brand new super mermaid fan.  I want to check out as many mermaid leads as I can.  That means the big leads and the little leads.  It’s no secret that NOT everything that is good online is necessarily popular.

    Cartoon Animation Mermaid

    The name of the cartoon animation mermaid in the show is “Marina.”  The show’s creator and director is Olivier Jean-Marie and it was produced by Xilam Animation. The major conflict is between Zig (a brown hyena in the show), and Sharko, a great white shark.  As if their volcanic island home wasn’t hot enough, things continually heat up due to another conflict.  Zig is constantly trying to eat Marina, but Sharko loves her and won’t let that happen.

    Being the mermaid lover that I am, I was automatically prepared to like the unfamiliar cartoon.  But I have to say, I was especially pleased, given that they use gestures, strange noises, and everything else to keep from providing actual dialogue.  Of course, kids don’t usually care, so if you watch it with the little ones, they’ll probably love it.


    marina mermaid - google image

    If you have a bit of leisure time now, why not take a moment and check out this short 12 minute Zig & Sharko video clip.  This one wasn’t necessarily high on my list of favorite mermaids, but I certainly enjoyed watching it like a big kid.



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