Keep Returning for Updates on the New Mermaid Book [My Entry for the 2018 NANO Challenge]

    Mermaid Fans Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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    Mermaid fans and lovers know that true mermaid fans come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention all colors.  I know, because ever since I was a scrawny little ashy-knee black girl growing up in Los Angeles California, I’ve been in love with mermaids.  Of course I’m talking about the more standard looking mermaid; beautiful part woman part fish, with long flowing hair and a pleasant disposition.  But these days, there’s no such thing as standard.  Today’s mermaid is about as diverse as the mermaid fans and lovers that enjoy reading and watching mermaid stories.


    As the Welcome page already brought out, mermaid fans of every level is welcome on this site.  You might just read something here that you never knew about mermaids.  Then again, you might just be able to share a thing or two with the rest of the class.  If you have something to offer, don’t be shy.  Just drop a few lines via email and I’ll be glad to give it a read and post whatever it is.  As long as it’s mermaid-related, I’ll share it with the Readers.  Feel free to drop us some cool mermaid pics you come across also.  We’ll be sure to give the proper photo credit.


    Photo Credit:  Pixaby (Rachel Cameron)